Why is it important to wear wool rather than man made fibres?

  • Wool is 100% natural

  • Wool is a renewable resource

  • Wool forms part of a natural carbon cycle

  • Wool lasts longer

  • Wool is made for recycling and is bio-degradable

  • Wool is naturally odour resistant

  • Wool improves indoor air quality

  • Wool is naturally fire resistant and fire-retardant


Does one size BRONK fit all heads?

The BRONKS stretch to fit and will be comfortable on most adult-sized heads. (Hopefully there are some baby BRONKS in the pipeline.)

Can I order a custom colour or style BRONK?

Yes, of course, but it may take a bit of time to dye and spin the fibre then create the BRONK. Can you wait a while?

What charity will my purchase support?

The charities will change monthly and be announced on the BRONK facebook page.


Can I get a BRONK sent outside Australia?

Yes, but you will need to contact us to find out shipping rates.


I don't really want to buy a BRONK but would like to donate to the charity of the month. Can I do this?

That would be awesome! On the main BRONK shop page there is a 'Donate' button. If you select it, you will be directed to a PayPal page to choose and submit your donation $$$$s.